This guide is to assist your church in deciding which records should be sent to the Synod Archives and which should be disposed of or kept locally.  Please note there is limited space available at the Synod Archives and we ask that you only send the following –

Please send –

  • ALL CHURCH COMMITTEE MINUTES for example - Elders / Leaders, Property & Finance,Women’s Fellowship, etc.  All minutes should be the original and must be signed to be legal.
  • Significant correspondence only
  • Annual Reports
  • Historical publications and/or details of significant events
  • Photographs with details and dates written on the back with a 2B pencil.  We ask that you only send up to five good quality photographs of an individual Church or Minister, their immediate family members and/or a significant event.  Details such as names, dates and occasions that identify the photographs must be included.  Photos without details will not be kept.
  • Church Registers – Marriage, Baptism, Funerals or Burials

What not to send -

A red X

  • Formal Building plans & Specifications, these should be sent to Uniting Resources
  • Multiple copies of anything
  • Weekly Bulletins (unless they describe a significant event)
  • Agendas or drafts
  • Budgets


Preparing records to send -

  • Place records in chronological order into manila folders or bound volumes
  • Label each folder, file or book with the name of the Church Council/Committee and years covered
  • Personal or sensitive information should be placed in an envelope, sealed, labeled and marked CONFIDENTIAL
  • Please remove all staples, paper clips, pins and plastic sleeves


We also accept MINUTES in PDF Format.  The minutes should be signed, dated, then scanned and saved as a PDF, before sending them to the Archives by e-mail.




Thank you for your help in this matter.  By following these guidelines, you save the hard-working volunteers hours of work.  Records can be delivered to the Centre for Ministry, Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm.

Enquiries?  Please contact the Synod Archives Office via email or phone (02) 8838 8974. 

The Synod Archives Office is open Monday and Tuesdays, 10am to 4pm.